Myrtle Gallow, Mastery Foundation Board Member, and Fr. David Hamm of Pass Christian, MS
Caring for the Caregivers, Part Two

The second of two workshops donated for those ministering in the aftermath of the 2005 hurricanes was held near Mobile, Alabama in September. For 12 months, they have been – and are still – living and dealing with all the aftermath of disaster. Through the generosity of our donors, for the better part of four days, a group of extraordinary ministers had time to relax at a beautiful retreat center on the bay near Mobile. And they had the opportunity to renew themselves and their ministries through the power of community, centering prayer, and the distinctions of the workshop. To read more, click here.

Intensive II: Participants & Leaders
The Peace & Reconciliation Intensives

During the first week in October, we held our two major programs for those in Northern Ireland who are at work in their communities reconciling and healing past divisions. It is always a challenge to convey the dramatic results produced in these Intensives. To read some reports from the participants themselves on the difference their participation made, click here.

PEACE: written in Arabic, English and Hebrew
Poetry and Peace

A message sent to our friends and partners in Israel — the grassroots Arab and Jewish leaders who continue every day to go about the slow work of reconciliation and coexistence, including during those times like this summer when rockets were falling in Israel and Lebanon. Click here to read.

An Opportunity to Contribute

Contributions come in many forms, but whether the program is a Peace & Reconciliation Intensive in Northern Ireland, a gathering of local leaders in an Arab village in Israel looking for ways to empower their community, or a Making a Difference workshop, the work of the Mastery Foundation depends on the generosity of our volunteers and donors. For those interested in becoming more involved with the Mastery Foundation, we have expanded the information on our website. Click here to link to the Contributions section of the website.

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