Breidge Gadd speaking at the 2006 School for Leadership Conference

Ireland Intensive Results

Photo: Participants working during the 2007 Intensive

So... hello! And how are you two days post-Mastery?

I hope every single one of you has arrived safely back to your respective homeplaces and that your return to this other reality hasn't proven too trying. It's hard to believe that some of you have already travelled thousands of miles and perhaps already realised your promises. I got as far as Dungannon for a seminar on a Northern Ireland Bill of Rights. so I've just stayed buzzing on all the thoughts of new possibilities - and freewheeling all the way!


The Mastery Intensive was a Breakthrough for me in lots of ways. I am looking forward all that lies ahead. Thank you for the friendship, love, understanding, support, and fun!
I have been truly enriched by you all!


I have had an absolutely amazing week since I have returned to the States. I have spoken to four different audiences from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida and I have been connected and present like never before. I haven’t had time to identify what has shifted or transformed for me. I have to say that the Intensive was not what I had expected, and in so many ways it was so much better than the expectations I had. I was really blown away by the commitment from each and every participant in the area of peace, reconciliation, and love. I had to give up “that people just don’t care in the world.” This is a really great belief to give up. And now instead there exists thoughts of each of you and your generous commitments for humanity. These thoughts will forever replace the thought that people don’t care, and hence alter everyone I touch from this day forth. I am truly blessed to have met each of you, and whether I see some of you again or not, know this: You have made a life-long difference in me and the world through your commitments and actions.


How can you transform 40 strangers into a cohesive group of good friends? Ask Mastery.
How can you find a group of people of different ages, backgrounds and religion who are all full of positivity and goodness? Ask Mastery. How can you enjoy a course from which you weren’t expecting a whole lot and come home uplifted? Ask Mastery.

Thank you to everyone involved for creating such a wonderful experience. We all gave each other a glimpse into the great possibilities.


It was such an honor for me and our brother Kompha to be in Ireland with all of you. I ate more beef in one week then I ate in my whole life! I also came away feeling very confident and cared for. I know that now I can achieve my goals even with my limitations.


I would love to reply to you individually because, when I think of my days at Mastery, I 'see' the faces of people with whom I laughed, cried, questioned, hoped, and then accepted the possibility - as well as the limitations - I place upon myself. Quite an experience to find such a safe place and group within which this could happen. I will never forget Mastery and can't wait to nominate two other people for whom I believe it could open huge possibilities.

At a business meeting on Friday night - when I was still buzzing from Mastery - I 'just happened' to get talking to a man who pressed me when I told him about some of the people I met at a "recent Conference" and his face lit up when he found out that it was Mastery. He had done it a few years ago and said it was, for him, a very spiritual experience which he will never forget.

Even returning to the usual stress in my life this week has been made much easier because of newly acquired skills and a totally different approach to (I want to say goals) but possibilities.


Just to say thank you for the photo and for the wonderful experience of Intensive 1. I am still savoring all the pieces of those three days and continuing to make breakthroughs! Counting the costs and holding onto the payoffs!!!


Just a note to thank you for a fantastic conference - are they all this good??


As a police officer, and one who has worked in training as well, I have participated in a lot of courses aimed at personal development. None of them prepared me for the Mastery Intensive, how I felt during the course and afterwards. I have spent some time processing things and feel that I will for some time to come. Certainly where I am going in both my professional and private life has changed as a result. I am at this time very energised regarding my area of work, and I had lost a lot of this energy prior to the Intensive.

I have had an experience very similar to Margaret. I was in the Omagh Community House for a meeting, On finishing the meeting I decided to walk in and introduce myself to different groups I had been always meaning to meet with but never got around to (Womans Aid, Ethnic Minorites etc). This is the whole past thing! I had been in with the Ethnic Minorities Group, for a few minutes talking about areas that interested me with a lady running the group, and explaining where I had got started on this line of thinking when she informed me she had completed the Intensive a number of years ago. The upshot is that we swapped email addresses and will work on areas of mutual interest.


Hi every one. What a lovely, happy bunch you all are. I really enjoyed your lovely company and hope everyone arrived home safely and exceeds their limitations and breakthroughs. I am not saying any more. I just cannot get over the fabulous Intensive
It was one of the best times in my life, and I am always thinking of you all.


We had a wonderful night last night in Enniskillen. I knew I would enjoy the dinner, I did not know how reconnected, enriched and re-energised I would feel the morning after.

I rarely get out these days. What I mean is that I rarely find something worth going out for, something for which I would give up a night with my family. Last night our Mastery Group laughed, discussed, and philosophised about many different subjects and concerns. What a fantastic evening, I am so proud of the company I get to keep from Mastery. and I can’t wait for our next get together.

To the West of the Bann group, thank you so much for the fabulous people you are, I feel blessed.


As I told you in Ireland, the intensive had a very powerful impact on me. I came back with new energies – something that I haven’t felt in a long time. Although it needs maintenance, I feel it has long term value.