Transforming Your Ministry

Making a Difference: A Course for Those Who Minister is designed to bring about a fundamental shift in what is possible for you in your ministry. This shift or transformation is the single-most powerful attribute of the program and one that sets it apart from other workshops.

Participants can expect a consistent and broad range of breakthrough results in both the spiritual and practical aspects of ministry. The most commonly reported outcomes are:

Greater clarity about your purpose and the direction of your ministry as well as your personal life, so that each is a source of nourishment for the other.

A richer and deeper prayer life, leaving you more centered and with a greater experience of serenity.

The ability to move beyond limitations of thinking and acting and into a future based on something more than what is predictable from the past.

Valuable, new tools for affecting significant change, including a new and more powerful use of language.

The ability to communicate in a powerful way that inspires and calls forth the alignment, cooperation, and partnership of others.

Renewal and deepening of faith along with a new appreciation and respect for the faith and traditions of others.

An appreciation and expansion of your natural charisma and capacity for leadership, including a greater confidence, a greater experience of your own worth, and the difference you can make.